IWRG (SUN) 08/12/2018 Arena Naucalpan [+LuchaTV, Estrellas del Ring, The Gladiatores]
1) Holocausto b Shalom
Shalom replaced Chicanito
2) Death Metal & Picudo Jr. b Kanon & Shadow Boy PICUDO JUNIOR Y JEATH METAL VS SHANON Y KANON (posted by HECTOR GODFREY TV)
Kanon replaced Mexica. Picudo Jr. dedicated the win to Picudo.
3) Lolita, Pasion Cristal, Relámpago b Diablo Jr., Diosa Atenea, Dragón Bane Lolita, Pasión Cristal y Relámpago vs Diablo Jr, Dragón Bane y Diosa Atenea (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
4) Emperador Azteca, Hijo del Alebrije, Multifacetico II b Hijo de Pirata Morgan, Súper Mega, Warrior Jr. Emp Azteca, Multifacético II e H del Alebrije vs H del Pirata Morgan, Eterno y Warrior Jr. (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
Warrior Jr. replaced Super Mega
5) Dr. Cerebro b Trauma II [IWRG IC MIDDLE] Dr. Cerebro vs Trauma II por el Campeonato Medio de la IWRG (posted by Estrellas del Ring)
2nd defense
6) El Mesías, Hijo De Dos Caras, Imposible b El Hijo del Medico Asesino, Ovett, Trauma I El Mesías vs el Trauma I  ¡¡¡ CUARTA CAÍDA EN MANO A MANO EN NAUCALPAN !!! (posted by Estrellas del Ring) El Mesías, Hijo de Dos Caras e Imposible vs Trauma I Ovett e Hijo del Médico Asesino (posted by Estrellas del Ring) MESÍAS Y TRAUMA I EN MANO A MANO EN UN EPISODIO EXTRA (posted by HECTOR GODFREY TV)
Ovett replaced Mr. Electro. Mesias beat Trauma in the first, Medico & Ovett won the second fall, and Mesias got the three count on Trauma I in the third fall, but Trauma had gotten his shoulder up before that three count. Trauma I appealed for a fourth fall. The commission said OK, and Mesias said OK only if it was just him and Trauma I. Trauma I agreed and won, though his feet may have been in the ropes. Challenges followed.

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